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Account Information

  • When you register with Abby The Traveler or submitting information to Abby The Traveler will routinely be made ​​a temporary copy of the information to prevent accidental loss due to computer error or human error.

  • Abby The Traveler keeps your account information active in our user registration databases so that you get instant access to your personal preferences each time you visit one of Abby The Traveler its pages .

  • If you ask Abby The Traveler to delete your account, your account will usually be deactivated and then deleted from the user registration database after about 90 days. This delay is necessary to discourage users from taking part in unlawful acts.

  • Please note that all information that we have copied may remain saved (backup) records a certain time after you have requested deletion of information. This may be true even if none of your information remains in our active user databases.

Data Mirror

  • Abby The Traveler has made ​​mirror (exact reproductions / duplicates) of our website on multiple servers. The mirrors are the software that drives our services, account information to our users, and everything else needed to keep our site going.

  • We do this for the people who are geographically far away, quickly use our site . Our use of mirrors makes it easier and faster for you to access Abby The Traveler 's pages .

  • Changes you make to your account information , including corrections, deletion, etc., will not take immediate effect on the information stored in our mirrors.


  • Abby The Traveler their computers ( called "servers" ) that send your web pages and advertising banners process and store large amounts of information every day. These computer records are called "log files".

  • Log files are used for analysis, research, monitoring and other purposes, as described above. After this information is used, stored and is not accessible to others. Until the information is stored, your ID will remain in the log files to our active servers.
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