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South West Media SA sends most of the advertisements you see when you use the company's network of web pages in your web browser . But we also allow other companies , known as third party ad servers or ad networks, to display advertisements on our website.

Because your web browser must request these advertising banners from the ad network web site , these companies can send their own cookies / cookies to your cookie file , just as if you had requested to refer to the advertiser website directly.

Please note that if an advertiser asks Southwest Media SA to show an advertisement to a certain audience ( for example . Males aged 18-34 years and women aged 20 to 30 ) and you respond to that ad , the advertiser and ad server come to conclude that you fit the description of the audience they want to reach.

Opt Third -Party Ad Servers

If you want to prevent a third- party ad server from sending and reading cookies on your computer , currently you must visit the website of each ad network and ask to be deleted (if they offer this capability ) .

South West Media SA does not currently connected to these third-party ad networks

(click on each one to see their privacy policy or to visit their website ) :

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Abby The Traveler
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